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BETTER YOUR TEAM - 6 Month Team Coaching Deposit

Total Cost of the Program $12 000.00 + GST

The secret to high-performing teams is that they are built on trust and vulnerability. They demonstrate commitment, accountability and a willingness to engage in Courageous Conversations. High-performing teams don't just happen through working with one another. High-performing teams take the time to connect purposefully to learn and grow from one another.

Key Performance Outcomes from Team Coaching:

  • alignment on key priorities
  • role clarity
  • improved communication/collaboration
  • solve big challenges
  • overall strengthened team effectiveness
  • more FUN working together!

Six Months Team Coaching up to a maximum of 6 people includes:

  • 5 X 120-minute virtual team coaching sessions
  • 1:1 30 min Discovery Calls for each participant
  • TRI DNA Assessments
  • 1:1 DNA Assessment Debrief Calls

Total Cost of the Program for 3-6 leaders $12, 000.00.

Deposit of
2000.00 CAD
10000.00 CAD
split into 5 payments of 2000.00 CAD every 30 days

BETTER YOUR LEADERSHIP - 1:1 Coaching Executive Coaching

Coaching for leaders looking to make a big impact on their life and business.

This 6-month coaching package includes:

  • 1x Discovery Dession
  • Bi-monthly coaching sessions
  • 1x TriMetrix DNA Behaviour Assessment
  • 1x Assessment Debrief 
4987.50 CAD

LEADING SELF - 1-6 People - 2024 FALL - DEPOSIT


Objective: Develop a group of conscious, self-aware leaders who take radical responsibility for their thoughts, words, and actions. These leaders are able to rise to the moment and positively impact the ecosystem around them.

Key Outcomes

  • Leverage their Strengths, Energizers, and Core Competencies to perform at their best in their day-to-day roles
  • Communicate effectively with others of different behavioural styles
  • Learn and Cultivate a Growth Mindset
  • Create and execute a Personal Performance Plan
  • Develop and Expand Emotional Intelligence
  • Engage in the Important and Courageous Conversations that drive results

Total Cost of the Program for 1-6 people $10,000.00 + GST & $1200.00 per person, onward.
NOTE: Assessment cost of $250/person extra and to be billed upon registration / confirmation of quantity of participants.

By paying this deposit, you are securing your team's place in the next quarterly intake. 

2625.00 CAD


Partner / Team Coaching Includes:

  • 1-3 x 60-minute partner intake / discovery calls
  • 6 x DNA Assessments 
  • 3 x DNA 120-minute 1:1 debriefs
  • 6 x 90-minute Partner Coaching Sessions
9712.50 CAD