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LEADING SELF - 1-6 People - 2024 Corporate Pricing

The overall objective of this corporate training is to give leaders deep self-awareness as this is the foundation of great leadership. Some of the outcomes of this training include knowing how to:

  • Identify their unique behavioural characteristics
  • Communicate more effectively with others…especially those different than yourself
  • Know and play in their zone of genius-strengths, blind spots, core competencies
  • Amplify their core competencies
  • Respond & Regulate under pressure
  • Engage in positive conflict

NOTE: Assessment cost of $250/person extra and to be billed upon registration / confirmation of quantity of participants.

6300.00 CAD

BETTER YOUR LEADERSHIP - 1:1 Coaching with Carolyn

Coaching for leaders looking to make a big impact on their life and business.

This 6-month coaching package includes:

  • 1x Discovery Dession
  • Bi-monthly coaching sessions
  • 1x TriMetrix DNA Behaviour Assessment
  • 1x Assessment Debrief 
6300.00 CAD


A 2-hour 1:2 debrief with you and your partner to work through the compare and contrast of your behavioural styles. 

892.50 CAD

TRIMETRIX DNA Assessment & Debrief

As a triple-science assessment, TriMetrix® DNA provides us with three perspectives to understand the people we work with: it explores their behavioural style (HOW they prefer to behave and communicate), their personal motivators (WHY they move into action), and their competencies (WHICH competencies they have mastered).

When using a traditional single-dimensional assessment, we can miss (or have to assume) so much about what makes a person who they are. With a multi-science assessment, such as TriMetrix® DNA, we have more places to look for answers and a more complete framework to help people understand themselves and others.

A 2-hour 1:1 debrief session follows the assessment process, which includes access to an online learning portal containing resources to further your professional development.

892.50 CAD