Top 10 Tips for your BYB Coaching Experience

Welcome to Better Your Best!!

In order to help you "Better your Best" please review our top 10 Tips to Success!!

"Own your results by owning your commitments." Make a commitment to give 110% to the things you have chosen as important.  The following are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your coaching sessions. 

1. Choose a topic.  Come to the call prepared by having thought about something that is "tricky for you." This doesn't always have to be an issue it can be just a thought, idea or situation that has been percolating in your mind.

2. Call Strategy.  Be sure to take a second to complete this when it comes through in your e-mail confirmation.  Also, don't be afraid to write "I'm struggling for a topic."  This can help me prepare for the call with a variety of exercises. 

3. Save your appointment.  Once you receive your appointment confirmation e-mail.  Take a second to save it directly to your calendar. 

4. Cancelling/rescheduling.  This can be done easily with more than 24 hours' notice. 

5. Homework.  Only commit to homework you will realistically do. 

6. Reviews Review your goals monthly!  

7. Feedback.  We are always open to feedback whether it be about your coaching session or ideas to make the business better.  Let's agree to a high level of open and honest conversations.

8. Champagne Goals/Moments.  These are terms I use to identify future goals and moments.  They can be gold medal moments or simply sweet moments. It's whatever you define! #bybchampagnemoment

9. Guest Blogging.  In this content-hungry world, I'm always looking for new and interesting content. If you are ever interested in sharing a champagne moment or a win you've had as a result of coaching, I would love to have you blog about it!

10. Invoices/Payment  Invoices are due upon receipt. Payment can be made by cheque payable to Better Your Best Coaching or via electronic transfer.  If you would like to make alternate arrangements, please let me know. 

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